The Platform?! but then again…:):);)

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is now my third year in the platform. 3 years seem like a long time? Some times it does that I think it’s time to leave and then sometimes I feel like it’s only been yesterday a few more years wouldn’t hurt at all.
Through these years some have understood my thoughts, dreams, and goals. Of these I shall forever be indebted because of your belief in me I have come this far. I have come to a point that brings tears of joys in my eyes and a never ending smile when I look back.
Some on the other hand have thought am too ambitious and have sat back waiting to see how far I shall go. These have been my greatest motivation. Each one of them has pushed me further and further, made me stretch beyond limits. Because of you I have overcome my fears and now the only thing I fear is fear itself. Again even to you I shall forever be indebted.
I have smiled, I have cried I have cursed I have asked the platform many times why I still hold on? What do you want from me? What should I learn through this experience? There are no recorded conversations to prove this. None at all. But I know we have talked many times. And every talk, every conversation has made me stronger. And the platform has even promised not to let me down. Every time promising to work things out for me.
I have learnt never to say never. That every thing that happens in life happens for a reason. That the mountains I assume to be climbing are nothing but the smallest ant hill that you could ever come across. That beyond the horizon lies a brighter future, lies each of my dreams. Yet even after showing me all these possibilities The Platform has sat back and let me take the baby steps. All by myself.
Yes I have fallen so many times, hurt myself deeply. Thought of turning back to the shore. Sometimes I have thought I shall drown and die.Its in these dark moments that a strong wind has brought high tides and the waves have taken me back to shore. And then when its all calm I have started all over again.
Yet I have laughed so hard that my ribs have hurt. I have lived to realize goals. I have received awards and been recognized. I have done things greater than myself. There are times my actions have left me amazed as well.
The people, the human race always has a special place in my heart. I have met and interacted with great people along the way. Great friendships to last a lifetime have been formed.
I have let go and danced to the music in my heart. I have chosen to do things that please me, things that I treasure.

To be continued…

  1. I totally feel you girl.How I look at the tides and waves, I believe they take you to new shores and you end up discovering more about thyself and new places.I think thats what life is, going through it having been taken to different shores and meeting people who make you discover yourself and you end up expanding yourself and your skills and the best part, you know you have much more to offer than last time. The trick is to treasure what you learn and spread it and share it with others.

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