Life Lessons from The Platform

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Through the platform I have learnt many great life lessons… lessons that not education,not my family,friends not the next 50 years would have taught me within such a such period. And the greatest of these is resilience…this is the power to bounce back when I hit a wall.. when all I can see is fog the strength to keep walking through it…the believe that I shall still get to my destination no matter how dark tunnel seems…Its this power that has made me succeed where others have failed. Its this power that I managed to still score straight As after 5 months detachment from books and extreme culture shock after my internship in India.And achieved the same through out my course well with a few Bs here and there damn and that one C jus one am sure after the lecturer passed away. It’s a common thing here because am more than sure I did well in my development studies paper afterall that’s what I specialized in The Platform, development of myself of others of my society. How then could I have failed such a paper?
Slowly av come to learn this is a great tool for success. That resilience makes me a winner.
I have learnt to accept reality, understood the meaningfulness of life and been able to rise and turn things around.
No one ever promised you a life of roses. I have been constantly reminded. The world is unfair yes to those who are weak to those who are not willing to take risks, to those afraid of challenges, to those who quit life is indeed unfair…
I have thus chosen to be strong… I have reflected and evaluated wisely on all past great people Mother Theresa Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi,Abraham Lincoln the list is endless and I have always arrived at one conclusion that their success and impact was achieved because of their ability to rise when they fell and look forward shoulder high as if nothing happened… they kept focused on their Vision they remained RESILIENT
And so on this lesson and my own experiences I have grown a tougher skin…
I have become more RESILIENT


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