Episode 3 my life on The Platform?!…but then again :)))

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everything looks flowery from the outside. Take a rose flower for example from a distance it’s the most beautiful thing but then get closer and there you begin to see the flaws starting with the thorns.
All through the application process, to election and selection I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the task I was setting myself up to. No one tells you that things are going to be tough. No one tells you that you need to be strong to survive the term. Instead they tell you of the flowery things like it are the best experience in your life. Which I do not rebuke. Yet still best is relative.
This phase teaches you a lot about confidence in yourself, self esteem, self worth. You have to believe that you can do it. Even in the midst of all the doubts, challenges you have to believe that YOU CAN. Majorly for two reasons one you made a public declarations during your speeches that you could and two you really have no one else to handle the task for you.
So you have to go on and handle it. Slowly you begin to achieve your goals one by one. And that becomes the milestone of your believe YOU CAN.
The things you thought were unachievable, that you compared to mountains now become ant e hills. You set greater goals for yourself. You become more ambitious, your dreams become bigger. YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT. You can be anything you want to be. Not because you have read the phrase or someone said so to you. But because you have lived through it.And this is the first baby step to SUCCESS.
I know because I have. I believe I CAN


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