The Bangles: Lessons from a 10 year old….

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was the grand finale. We had spent 2 weeks working tirelessly preparing for this day. Designing our cultural presentations for the global village and preparing our Indian dance. Dance lessons were the best. Having not been involved in any workout exercise lately this was a perfect opportunity. My muscles ached a bit the first two days but soon the pain was soothed away by the mystic Indian dance moves we learnt every day.
Finally the anticipation was over. It was here. Soon we would be waving goodbye. Our message of peace and cultural barriers had been well sent to India from across 30 countries.
As I walked along all the global stations enjoying the beauty of diversity and learning I came across this one boy. He was about ten years old. I asked his name though I don’t remember now. It’s been quite some time yet seems just like yesterday. I said Hi. He smiled back. For 5 minutes I stood there listening to every word he said. It’s amazing how he had rehearsed every single detail and stated it so eloquently. After he was done. I smiled again and only managed one exclamation “Wow its amazing how you know all that stuff, your teachers taught you? He nodded his head.
When he was done. He reached for his hand and removed a round metallic bangle from his hand. He said, “have this”. He then took my hand and tried to put it around my wrist. However it was too small. So I took it and thanked him. In return I gave him a beaded bangle I had. It turned out too big for his small hand. So I placed it on his palm and told him to keep it.
I moved on to the next station with a smile on my lips. That ten year old had humbled me. Shown me kindness offered by few. I still remember the smile on his small lips as he tried to fit the bangle on my hand as other guests watched in amusement.
That scene kind of makes me tearly sometimes. I still have the bangle with me. I just tried to fit it again a moment ago but my hand hasn’t grown any smaller. It constantly reminds of important things in life love, selflessness, kindness. How I wish I could fit it on my hand and have it there forever. But just as I wish for this so do I wish that all mankind could embrace these simple yet valueless virtues love, kindness and selflessness.

  1. jacqueline ndanshau says:

    whoooooh kindness love n openess where has it all gone to??? what society are we leaving in, where we cant even love each other this questions keep on going over n over my mind as i read the story i realized that i dont need to do and thing so so so big and expensive in order to express my love rather just a small thing can change and bring lot of happiness in someones life am proud to be part of that change of making a smile in peoples face

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