Home away from home

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

You know you are home when your voice at the gate makes two girls come rushing out of their house hugging you and so excited to see you after a long weekend of your absence. In just two months they have become your small sisters…

But it doesn’t end there…they storm to your room and give you a 10 minutes brief of their idea to become AIESEC Kids and recruit others from their school, they have the draft of the initiative, and two project ideas ” why people travel the world” and”Creating change in the society” not to mention their personal plan to raise money for laptops and other materials to Kick off.

They also already have sold the idea to their dad who will be their financial and moral support partner. And also have researched and printed some materials for the first project.These two girls are clever enough to prioritize so they will start with the travel project and then launch the change project later when they collect more money.

As you sit in the candle lit room sharing with them about your weekend (only relevant parts) and showing them photos taken you see their eyes glow in the dark and their faces lighten up… A feeling and expression that is equally contagious

They are thrilled, hopeful, enthusiastic and full of life…

They remind you that life is really made up of such moments, experiences and conversations.

And as I waved them goodnight I knew tonight that there is a greater reason for me to be here greater than I ever imagined…
Am happy to be home…

Yet they are only 10 and 8 years old:))


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