Posted: July 9, 2012 in Life
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Time flies when you spend it with the people you love

Perhaps that’s why my one year just flew by

And now am wishing we could go back to the beginning

When the end was still far away

Now all I have is memories


Of the free spirited ,joyous and kind hearted Tanzanians

Of the times we argued and fought and barely spoke to each other

Of the beautiful beaches , and spectacular  sunsets

Of the songs we sang at karoeke

Of smiling throughout pain and joy


Of low moments when no light was visible at the tunnel

Of falling, rising , dusting my feet and walking upright

Of great things achieved

Of the happiest days of my life, and sad ones too

Great conversations in daladala , by the beach, houses,


Fighting for things beyond me , giving it my all and learning to be selfless

Moments hanging on nothing but hope and faith

Of a great year full of life lessons with you all

Of being a great contributor to your awesome experiences,

And you contributing to mine

Of great impact, that brings happy tears into my eyes

Learning to be me

Of friendships made and broken, 

Learning to Laugh, Live and Love

Memories Il forever treasure for the rest of my life

While for some we are forever entangled, I worry I may never see some of  you again

So Il keep these in my heart , hoping it’s a deed kind enough to say how grateful I truly am.


Yours truly,

Going home hands full of life lessons;)

  1. chemoss says:

    sounds like it was a beautiful wholesome experience 🙂

  2. Jovitha says:

    woah thats emotional, but we part to meet and we meet to part.

    will surely meet you kwa cruise

    and of coz to the wedding..
    much love

  3. Sigi says:

    Its was very good having you here, you have been of biggest contribution to Us a lot and i don’t think if we will forget those moment
    Hope to meet you, some other time

  4. i will miss you so much Martha am still so sad we didn’t fulfill one of our wish together ,hope we will someday ,i will cherish all the good moments of laugher and happiness ,and grow with your trainings and aspirations.

    this will never be the end of me and you meeting,i will never shade a tear i promise you.

  5. rknyra says:

    Wow! Sounds like a fun experience this one!!
    Say AIESEC!!

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