A funny sad story , of beings and racism

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

On days like this I head to my neighbours house and give this lovely girl 3 kisses , leaving my lipstick all over her face. She is the only innocent being I know , I silently pray they never get her.  The demons of racism.It is a honest prayer.”


Jogging has become part come of my usual morning ritual. It is in these glorious hours that I strengthen my muscles for embracing diversity a key trait to survive in any foreign country.

Normal days are graced by very ugly dogs (yes I am unapologetic ), weird stares, ecstatic sunrise, several  beautiful smiles from strangers , romantic couples by the sea, and the best part is the small talks with CEOs , Indias who and who ,  and the energy I draw from the elderly who gather in different parks for morning brisk  walk and yoga. Several beyond 70 , yet full of much life and gusto.

Today however , the end of my morning jog took an interesting twist. On taking the last corner towards home, I notice a fat brown dog walking fast towards me, barking. I freak out , 7 months later my hate for dogs grows stronger by day. It’s a funny story because this dog specifically spotted me among ten other people sited or walking by and only came after me. The look on its face was terrifying. With my heart at my chest,  I quickly took shelter next to a man who was holding his 1 year old daughter  .  He was kind enough to protect me . I felt smaller than the child he was holding.

It took 3 adult Indian men to keep this dog away from pouncing its claws on me, tearing me apart into pieces.  Thank God, I maintain an amicable relationship with the neighbours , for their stern faces and human circle scarcely scared the dog. Keeping it away  for today , but am afraid of tomorrow. 😦

As I walked away, I recalled a conversation with a certain lady sometimes back. After sharing my morning dog stories, she quickly responded without much thought “ They can see you are different , your skin , your height , your entire physique so they come after you”  Oh how touching !  Luckily part of the commonly referred to as global mindset is actually a defense mechanism a traveller  develops for all kinds of bullshit, racism, foolishness , stereotypes and mere ignorance. I have it in check , double checked since am African commonly also called black girl. Hence I  quickly deleted her response from my mind. Rarely does stuff like this get to me ,  only pointing.  I was wondering  for 6 months , why pointing raises my emotions alarm,  till I recently made a trip to our embassy and was reminded by some Kenyan culture material that pointing is a taboo back home.

Moving gridsToday like all other mornings I got to see life from a different angle,  I saw racism from a dangerous animal view.  Its ugly,  disgusting, its fierce, its angry ,dangerous, foolish  and once it gets  to any being it tears  it  apart .

I also wish to mention  that it is  at this same place , where I  recently encountered a  5 year old who  called me a yogi because of my long braids. I felt ashamed to be a trained teacher. What an education system that intentionally misses Africa on its syllabus?

It also at this same spot , another  5 year old  cries clinging to her mother when she sees me. It has happened 3 times , so no am not paranoid , I am not dreaming either .

Mere coincidence ? only for those whose souls remain engulfed in darkness. Though these events sadden me ( an emotion am still learning), it  still  remains a funny story for I ponder how can any being judge another based on the color of their skin? What madness is this?

  1. Beato says:

    Oh no, sorry. What is this? Just because you are black? Wah, and I used to think there is little/no racism in India since there are black Indians. Clearly I need to widen my global mindset…

  2. Angie Kagume says:

    Sometimes I think I was just lucky to have landed in South India! Of course I had my fair share of racism but I feel it even more so when in North India. So sorry about the experience, its not going to be the last, and I guess all we can do is learn and appreciate our home even more.

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