India Lessons overload

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thought I should gather a few lessons av gathered in India. Didnt expect the list to be so long , neither to anticipate writing edition 2 . Some I will keep some I will unlearn as soon as soon that flight touches  JKIA grounds, whichever way the learning was worth it all. Each of these has fascinating stories behind them.

  • To pull a beautiful poker face
  • To dodge stuff, cars , people , things
  • Ek minute …because a minute can be a lifefime, a lifetime can be a minute
  • Jesus rocks
  • To say yes more often
  • Hanging on the edge of the train, and while at it jump while its on the move
  • Run for my life
  • To feel and not feel everything with the same magnitude
  • Yoga Magic
  • The Bhaiya bait—to get everything I want from locals without a single drop of sweat
  • To Stop and Stare
  • Go for coffee dates alone and have a bliss
  • Indian bargaining style-everything costs 30 % of initial price
  • Acquire gas from illegal market
  • Lay my soul bare
  • Dance to my own music
  • Write some sarcastic stuff
  • Survive anywhere
  • Life as a diva
  • Kya bakwaas hai?
  • All the food that is bad for flat abs
  • To travel for days without shower and still pull off hot looks
  • I truly am an amazing person
  • To forget so easily & fast that I forget the names of the nouns involved
  • Checking into train stations at 3am for 5 rupees ( shower, dressup and hit the road again)
  • Say what I need to say, how I want to say it
  • Calm storms with grace
  • Things like this

Somewhere on my way to work

  • See through peoples eyes, while at it touch their hearts
  • Trust or leave- nothing in between
  • Embrace uncertainty with laughter
  • To help strangers
  • To pray for strangers and mean it
  • Live with bare minimum
  • An English statement is incomplete if its ending lacks the words, only, itself , correct , the same or na
  • India has its own world map , unrevealed to the world. Top secret
  • To graciously turn cigarette offers away, but make new friends
  • Kya, ek, sida, bhaiyya, baas, chalo , is enough hindi for me
  • To read Spanish in English , its kinda a long funny story
  • Accepting that my heart is too small for dogs
  • Being grateful
  • To accept freely without questioning food , sweets, gifts , friends,
  • I am a miracle
  • People will stare, people will talkm give them a masterpiece to keep their gaze transfixed, their chats endless
  1. Loved the Indian bargaining style and the english statement bit 🙂
    You’ve truly lived the Indian experience.

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