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Posted: May 29, 2014 in Life, Time
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Seasons come and go

Like the ebb and flow of the tides

With every rise, we rise or fall

With every fall, we fall or rise

With every dawn and dusk

A dream withers, a life is born

From the beginning of the end, the end of the began

Will we see the sun shine, above the clouds?

What shall become of our star struck eyes?

When turbulent heavens open

Washing our yesters

Will we remember to carry

The light that keeps our eyes shinning

The gentle, that keeps our hearts warm

Safe from the chills of hard winter

Will our spirit roar across the plains in spring?

Causing all to pause and stare

At our greatly crafted lives

Or shall we be fizzled out by the shackles of barren lives.


Specially dedicated to Sabiha Armin.

Every new day is a chance to dream bigger, start afresh ,create something beautiful.

Every new day is a chance to dream bigger, start afresh ,create something beautiful.

For all the inspiration and ideas to becoming better every single day. I know that I will read your publications someday , and I will smile at the thought of the beginning of the end 🙂







Conversations gone bad

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Life

 Some days I give my self permission for pointless chit chat, ok let me rephrase most days anywhere anytime. Its kinda fun, getting completely immersed into peoples worlds, thoughts, reflecting on your own, connecting the dots, it’s a source of laughter lightens my spirit.

“Come on look at me seriously, do I look like I do drugs? But then you never know till you ask “

Saturday night out , new city exploration mission underway. Halfway in the night, my attention is drawn to a decently looking gentleman sited close by. He comes by and says hi, as we hit the chit chat button, we realize we work in the same company. Curtains start falling down and familiarity checks in..Not for long. He offers me drugs . No thank you I don’t do drugs. He is utterly shocked. Apparently all black people smoke drugs.. First am awestricken but respond calmly. I have heard this stereotype before mostly with the African guys, my encounter was pending. Seems you can never be ready enough. It takes half a minute for him to quickly ask “ seems like this conversation is not proceeding “ I whisper a prayer to the heavens for saving me from an explosive end. I graciously nod yes and go on dancing my night away, it’s still young after all. Lost in my moves I can’t help think we need a mental revolution, big scale.

“I will follow you to the end of the world, strictly private jets”

Few months earlier am walking to the train station. From behind me a voice says , “Are you going to Churchgate or Mira road.” I turn and ask “Why?” And the guy replies “ because am also going there” Back in my head am thinking are you superman to go to two places at the same time? Instead I ask “ Are you flying there? ” He nods and says “no by train only “ And I smile back sarcastically respond “ Then get lost “ Clearly it was one of those days.

PS: Mira road is where Africans live and Churchgate is for the elite , hippies etc, on a different day I would feel discriminated. That day has become elusive.

“There is no country on earth called Naigas, mere ignorance or the education system“

Some days at lunch hour I go out and sit by the sea on Marine Drive. Completely forget my troubles and just let the sea breeze blow my hair away.

On this particular day, I happened to be welcoming to chit chat. As the universe felt my need it responded accordingly. Unexpectedly conversation reached rock bottom when he asked my country of origin Person X: You are from Naigas right?

Me: Sorry Nai what?

Person X: Naigas

Me: Sorry there exists no such country in the world.

Person X : Looks away to the sea , shaking his head with a disturbed face.Perhaps wondering where on earth this stranger comes from.

Me: Quickly exists from scene.

“Kenya is in AUSTRALIA right?” pwahahahahahahahahaha , I wish

“ I remember this one time in the train heading back home. Normally many people will strike conversations with you about anything so I take advantage to learn something new. Always. Met this young college student, she studies social psychology and was busy preparing herself for the exams. As I have background in the same area, we immediately connect and we quickly accelerate to where are you from bla bla bla fish cake talks. Motivated by her enthusiasm , I give her a 20 mins lecture on Kenya. Am finally at Bandra and bid farewell.

Me : I get off here , nice to meet you and all the best in your exams

She: Nice to meet you too, you said your from.. (Before she can finish I respond )

Me : Kenya

She:Kenya is in Australia right ?

Me : Faintly… Africa ( I jump out of the train and walk hastily home)


Thankfully I  have lived through better days 🙂

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.



Wasted Heartbeats

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Life, Time, Travel

I could write the saddest lines tonight

Before you drop your next am busy line, try give chance to a little play :) Let someday be today, be now !

Before you drop your next am busy line, try give chance to a little play 🙂 Let someday be today, be now !

For the words not said, for the phone calls ended too quick

For the brief smiles, and hugs let gone too soon

For the time wasted self-absorbed, precious friends lost

Missed  firsts of our children, smiles of our aging parents

Chasing the lives we never lived

For our wisdom with everything else , but foolishness with time

Anger held on too long, love lost too soon

Deafness to the music that played in our hearts,

Eyes that never saw  , the beauty of now

For dreams lost to tomorrows that never came

Young Love

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Life
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When morning comes, I will be at your door,

Together we will take , a long ride of freedom

The sea breeze washing away , the cultural troubles casted on us by our forefathers

With you my love, I will learn to dance , better than the exotic dancers of the south

By the sea we will sit in silence,  our eyes gazing far and beyond

 The future uncertain, afraid that we may never be

But this moment here , when the sun shines on our faces, and your smile sparkles my heart

Turning it into flames

Your whispers in my ear, the music of my soul

The horizons nothing but the start , of more beautiful days ahead

She Could have run…

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Life
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Sunrise at Bandra Sea Side When the sun rose , and the tide fell,

 She saw a sea of men.

 Her eyes fell to her chin,

  Her  knees tightened.

 She could have run ,

 She could have run


Posted: July 9, 2012 in Life
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Time flies when you spend it with the people you love

Perhaps that’s why my one year just flew by

And now am wishing we could go back to the beginning

When the end was still far away

Now all I have is memories


Of the free spirited ,joyous and kind hearted Tanzanians

Of the times we argued and fought and barely spoke to each other

Of the beautiful beaches , and spectacular  sunsets

Of the songs we sang at karoeke

Of smiling throughout pain and joy


Of low moments when no light was visible at the tunnel

Of falling, rising , dusting my feet and walking upright

Of great things achieved

Of the happiest days of my life, and sad ones too

Great conversations in daladala , by the beach, houses,


Fighting for things beyond me , giving it my all and learning to be selfless

Moments hanging on nothing but hope and faith

Of a great year full of life lessons with you all

Of being a great contributor to your awesome experiences,

And you contributing to mine

Of great impact, that brings happy tears into my eyes

Learning to be me

Of friendships made and broken, 

Learning to Laugh, Live and Love

Memories Il forever treasure for the rest of my life

While for some we are forever entangled, I worry I may never see some of  you again

So Il keep these in my heart , hoping it’s a deed kind enough to say how grateful I truly am.


Yours truly,

Going home hands full of life lessons;)