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Varkala is spectacular. You got to go to see it to relate to this word.  To swim in the dark sandy beaches, Seato sip cocktails sited by the neatly crafted beautiful restaurants.

To watch the sun turn from orange to gold to red, painting the sky with shades of grey, blue and orange. You got to listen to the endless strong waves that never calm down.Play with them and let them hit you hard sending you back to the shore. Amidst toddlers forget yourself and let the child within you arise.


Smile at strangers.

Kathakali DancersLet the magical Kathakali dance show mesmerize you. Picking a few lessons on how to love, hate , fight with your facial gestures

You got to walk in the evening by the cliff , Beauty 2and get lost on your way back to your hotel, only to realize the next morning you should have taken just one turn right or left to get there. 


And as you soak it all in headed to your next destination, you will silently whisper to God, the universe or whatever your believe in that this power will bring you back to this place.

Man with coconut

Some day , some time, with someone special.